Our goal is to revolutionize the nail care industry, with ethically-sourced ingredients and eco-friendly materials that are better for you and our environment. 

We prioritize eco-friendly, responsibly sourced packaging materials and are fully committed to minimizing usages of plastics and waste. Our shipping materials are always recycled and recyclable and we strive to use 100% post-consumer waste packaging, whenever possible. 

All of our seasonal nail polish collections are hand-crafted in small batches and are extremely limited. Once they sell out, they are gone for good. We do this in an effort to reduce waste and damage to the environment. 

Recycling Program

Although we highly encourage you to keep our glass bottles and reuse/repurpose them, we understand if you have other plans for your empty elle polish bottles, such as recycling. We've made this easier with our recycling program— so hold on to your elle empties! Collect 5 empty bottles to send back to receive 1 special edition polish. Simply email us at to obtain your free mailing label, so that together we can reduce waste and reuse our high-quality packaging.

Thank you for supporting our sustainable business model, we hope that our values speak to you!