Our Story

Functional, clean beauty starts here— packaged in pink and thoughtfully curated.

After working as a nail stylist and consultant for major nail brands, Lauren Yavor, the creator of popular nail blog Lauren’s List, started elle polish when she noticed a gap in the market; nail polish mindfully created using quality ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free and clean, while still being functional, fun!

We offer a simple, healthier alternative that you can feel good about wearing. With a sustainably-focused approach, elle polishes are all hand-crafted with ethically sourced ingredients and are poured into our high quality reusable glass bottles. Every shade is carefully curated by Lauren, and individually tested for the perfect opacity and finish.

Self-Care With No Compromises

I created elle polish for people who love color, fashion and who live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

Clean polish is really about the inhalation risk, so even though certain chemicals in traditional lacquers are probably fine on your nails, it’s still not a good idea to breathe them- that’s why we left all the nasties out and put only the good stuff in. 

Made With Better-For-You Ingredients